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Bernhard Lang (Germany) - Aerial Views Adria

Germany-based photographer Bernhard Lang’s obsession with aerial photography began after realizing that there actually wasn’t that much of it out there—at least, not much that took the vertical perspective he liked. He was drawn to the occasional top-down photos he came across in magazines, and also thought about photography every time he boarded a plane to fly somewhere. “Looking down out of the window, I was fascinated by seeing the world—the graphic structures—from above,” he says. Eventually, Lang found himself strapped outside of an ultralight plane, hanging thousands of feet above the ground. “The first time it was a bit scary,” he says. “But at the moment I was so concentrated on looking through the camera I wasn’t scared anymore.” Like the filmmakers, Lang hopes that showing the world from a different scale might change how people see the everyday world. (src. Co.Exist) © All images courtesy of the artist

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Nanotube Crop Circles

Wobbly apple (special collector’s edition)


made transparent originally from here

Morganite, Tourmaline, Cleavelandite and Lepiodite